Security system maintenance

Using this service, D.O Security guarantees you to keep under surveillance the security systems installed at your location so that they permanently operate under the best parameters of the manufacturer and cover all the security requirements of the location.

The service can be implemented through:

- preventive maintenance services carried out in the form of quarterly reviews. Preventive maintenance represents the entire set of operations required to be carried out periodically to maintain the equipment and systems functioning in the designed parameters (checks, tests, adjustments, cleaning and change of consumables). Preventive maintenance is a necessary element for the BENEFICIARY to make full use of the warranty rights granted by the manufacturer, namely the CONTRACTOR and should not be confused with the warranty itself;

- intervention services, security systems carried out in the form of corrective actions performed at the request of the beneficiary. The intervention is the complete set of operations required to repair faulty equipment or to correct the technical parameters of the systems by bringing them into the normal working parameters; this service is provided within 48 hours from the request.

 - services provided on order represent extensions, changes or additional works that are performed on the already existing systems or separated from them after an order has been submitted by the BENEFICIARY to the SUPPLIER.