There is much to say about our beginning as a security and protection company! Nevertheless we will summarize reminding you that we started our journey in 1998 in Covasna. Known under the name / brand Ares, we managed to become market leaders in the county and soon (after a lot of work) we managed 100% territorial coverage.

In consequence, we decided to expand in 2010. We started with Brasov County. Meanwhile, in 2012 we got the D.O SECURITY majority stake, and by 2015 both companies operated simultaneously, Ares Security, market leader in Covasna County and D.O SECURITY market leader in Brasov County. The inevitable happened, and in 2015 the two companies joined forces under the name of D.O SECURITY GROUP.

We are currently expanding offering our security and protection services across the country. In over 18 years of activity we have reached over 1000 customers, over 2000 watched sites and more than 300 employees. And we are proud of it!