Monitoring and quick intervention

Have you ever wondered how a security system works and how does an intervention team get that fast? Basically, it is not complicated. There is a correspondence between the systems and our monitoring centre (dispatcher)

Choosing this D.O Security service will ensure permanent monitoring of the alarm systems in your location and the support of our specialized quick intervention teams, in case of any events, in the shortest possible time, to prevent the intruders from entering. This kind of situations could endanger the life and bodily integrity of people in the location and permit the taking and / or destruction of goods and / or values.

At the same time, the connection of the electronic alarm systems to the D.O Security dispatcher and their permanent monitoring has a number of major advantages, of which we mention a few:

 - permanent communication of the alarm system state - it sends periodic tests daily to the dispatcher, otherwise it intervenes to solve the situation;

- communicates a real event - the alarm signals are handled according to the legislation in effect and lead to the intervention of  specialized teams to solve and control the situation from the location;

- monitors around the clock the alarm system - by examining the system, the dispatcher can find out at any time its status and, if necessary, intervenes to solve the problems.