Electronic security

 Of all people, we know best how important is the safety of your family and property. Therefore, together with our colleagues, we have studied and developed the complete security solution. Absorbed, 24/24 active and the entire installation cost covered by us!

It is a unique solution, through which D.O Security efficiently combines the potential of specialized intervention teams with electronic technology. Recommended because of the advantages it offers, both operational and financial, as follows:

  • it totally or partially eliminates the security agents;
  • protection and surveillance around the clock;
  • "sees around the corner" - "hears below the human ear perception", things that a security agent cannot do;
  • it is not dependant on the human factor, therefore does not fall asleep, does not get sick, does not get tired, does not need a lunch break, etc.,
  • greatly diminishes the risk of theft or attempted theft, both by the burglars, as well as by staff,
  • significantly decreases the number of unwarranted interventions, or even cancels them,
  • compared to manned guarding it requires much lower costs;

             D.O Security invests in your entire cost of technology!