Guard control

The Guard Control service is unique in Romania and offers you the effective control of your security agents or the ones of another possible provider, as follows:

  • prevents "sleeping attempts";
  • prevents the security agent from leaving their post.
  • maintains the attention level of the security agent very high,
  • prevents an attempted organized theft that could end up with the immobilisation of the security agent,
  • it is an option if the security agent is unavailable due to medical problems,

To implement this service, D.O Security will install one or more "GUARD CONTROL" equipment in your location which is programmed to trigger an alarm to the dispatcher, unless it is acted upon by the security agent at a maximum scheduled time. The programming of the time interval will be established on the recommendation of D.O Security according to your wishes and the specificity of the location.

The equipment provides panic remote controllers, so by operating them, the security agent can request support from the intervention teams, through the D.O Security dispatch.