Security agent

Manned guarding is a very important matter to us, and you should know that D.O. Security agents are regularly trained, in order to fully assure our services.


It is carried out by D.O. Security agents, with fixed-area guarding and patrol through which it is tracked:

  1. Guarding the location, goods and values received in custody and ensuring their integrity,
  2. Particularly, supervising the places and areas at risk within the target perimeter, to prevent any prejudices that could occur.


It is carried out by D.O. Security agents at the access control point through which it is tracked:

  1. Access into the location only in accordance with the legal and internal directives,
  2. Control at entry and exit of persons, means of transport,
  3. Presence according to the working hours of the unit,
  4. Prohibiting access to drunk persons or the consumption of alcoholic related products in the perimeter of the location,
  5. Prohibiting access to people carrying alcoholic beverages, toxic substances, explosives or prohibited things,
  6. Entrance of foreign personnel into unauthorized areas.